Achala Wali

Achala Wali’s works on paper are surface oriented, layered, diagrammatic and architectural. As a South Asian artist she explores a natural affinity with Indian and Persian painting as well as engaging with issues of contemporary painting. The process of arriving at the image begins by taking chances on every mark and intuitively feeling what will work without plotting the exact future.

In 2004 I doodled away perched in the White Mountains of Connecticut. It was a really hot summer day, even for the altitude and location of 90 degrees. This drawing progressed differently; the sketches shown through like topographic maps and fractals. Other drawings began like floor plans, the lines were diagrammatic and defined space up and down but were not limited by two dimensions. First the drawings filled sketchbooks and then started to place themselves on larger sheets. I began experimenting with dying paper as a background for subtle colored ink drawings similar to Persian miniatures I also started playing with more organic processes like paper weatherization to bring on surface variations and textures. So layers of these approaches grew into my current drawing practice.

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