Gina DeSantis

Gina DeSantis

Studio C328. Read more about her at


Picture of Gina at making pottery.

Gina began working in clay a decade ago and have never looked back. She became intrigued with clay as a medium in college.  She earned her  M.F.A. from Kent State University in 2006. In 2008 Gina established a studio and began selling her wares locally and nationally. She has participated in the Chicago One of a Kind Show and in 2013 will be part of the American Made show in Philadelphia.


I strive to make well-crafted functional wares for the home and table. I am happiest in the studio and in the kitchen. I grew up surrounded by the ritual of cooking. I always consider how a particular glaze color or pattern affects the presentation of food.

With these two loves in mind, I create work that enhances the joys of cooking and dining.