Sandy Millman

It has been my lifelong mission to rescue, restore, reuse and rejuvenate pretty much everything (a gene inherited from my mom and grandma). Guess I have been green before such a term existed. Why? Because of a limited budget; the satisfaction of making something new out of something old, and for the thrill of the hunt.

After having been a dedicated vintage textile collector over a number of years, I dove into my stash, choosing a few favorite bits to create handbags, totebags, scarves and pillows as gifts for friends and family. These proved to be pretty popular and ultimately led to a small cottage aka basement business named Yours Truly Nostalgia Ware.

I’ve spent the last decade selling my wares at boutiques, museum gift shops, art/craft shows, outdoor markets, trunk shows and personal home parties. For me it’s not only been a source of supporting two growing fashionplate daughters, but at the same time fulfilling my passion and JOY of working with so many delicious textiles and meeting many terrific people.

To make this short story a little longer, while on the road, I found that a large number of customers were fond of the vintage ‘props’ that I used to support my Yours Truly accessories; i.e., vintage luggage, hat boxes, mirrors, clothing, etc. Hence, I’ve included in my shop a variety of vintage pieces which support not only a ‘green’ lifestyle, but a truly unique one. You’ll find vintage table/glassware, linens, barware, books, men’s and ladies fashions, and much more to add charm, character and JOY to any lifestyle.

To see some of what’s available, please refer to, or contact me at